Rainy Season (Blend Version)

by Rainy Season

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Splash as I write this, i haven't even finished listening to this album for the first time. i can safely say that this is probably the first album to make me cry due to how lovely it is.
it's less of an album, and more of an experience.
if you intend to listen to this, please do so by buying the album and reading through the stories that each track has.

if i had to describe this album as a feeling, it'd be the feeling of getting a hug from a friend that you haven't seen in a long time.
it's magical. Favorite track: Sunny Road.
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Rainy Season

All money from purchases on 2/3/17 will be personally donated to the ACLU in support of #NoBanNoWall.

All money from purchases on 2/4/17 will be donated to milkblushh, the artist who collaborated with me on this album who is, at the time of release, currently in the process of moving residences.

From 2/5/17 onwards, Rainy Season will be free with a "pay what you want" option. Any money from purchases will be split between milkblushh and myself.

The "Decaf Version" is for those who want to enjoy the music and only the music, and thus feature no ambient sounds whatsoever. I would suggest the "Blend Version" for your first listen or for any time you'd like to experience Rainy Season the way it was envisioned while reading along to the short stories of each track.

The "Blend Version" of Rainy Season is the ideal version, the vision I had in mind when creating Rainy Season. This version features the ambient sounds of the beach on every song and a cozy train ride along the shore on a select few songs.

Every track on the album has a short story to go along with it. Rainy Season is very thematic and takes a lot of influence from beaches, friends and my influences such as gaming, anime, fashion, artists, cultures, architecture, nature, and music.

Rainy Season are a fictional band led by a purple-haired girl named Aika, who often play in a small cafe in a small port town by the beach. They're often joined on-stage by an unnamed and very sleepy, spotted cat who strolls in, sits on top of the piano, listens, and strolls out as soon as it's over.

Most of the songs are limited to only a few instruments, as the real (fake) Rainy Season would only have a limited number of members to play each instrument live in a cafe setting. The only instruments featured on this album are as follows:

- Piano
- Acoustic and Electric Guitar
- Clarinet
- Bassoon
- Accordion
- Misc Percussion
- Glockenspiel (only featured on "Stale Cupcakes")
- Flute (only featured on "At The Beach")
- Upright Bass (only featured on "At The Beach)"


released February 3, 2017

"Rainy Season" by Rainy Season

Art by milkblushh (twitter.com/milkblushh)

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Tomo Carty and Rainy Season

All Songs Written by Tomo Carty and Rainy Season except -

*"Bed & Breakfast", Originally Written by: Keiichi Suzuki and/or Hirokazu Tanaka

*"Stale Cupcakes", Originally Written by: Manaka Tominaga, Shiho Fujii, and/or Kazumi Totaka

* "Sunny Road"/"Hidamari Michi", Originally Written by: Hiromi Mizutani



all rights reserved


Rainy Season Beach City, Ohio

Video game-inspired jazz music about the beach, coffee, and cats.

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